Urban Intervention
Orestad, Denmark
The idea is to create new ways of connection with the water through simply elements like platforms and a net. The platforms recognize the directions and places that it has to be connected like the Karen Blixen Park, The IT University square, the Denmark Radio and the residences places surrounding. The net is a funny way to cross through water without being inside it, the net adapts its shape easily to the various platform heights, allowing navigate the canal normally and cover the submerged areas without affecting their activities but integrating it.
The platforms have and structure with shallow foundations which can be placed on the canal floor without affect it or perforate it. This platforms have a wood deck material to cover the floor. The net is a resisting stretched mesh fabric.
The new areas will serve to recreational, study and rest activities, to make open air concerts and playground. Will be a reference point for this area from the water and from the city.

Work team:
Arch. Andrea Hernández Bueno
Arch. Cruz Criollo