Research Project
Caracas, Venezuela
The proposal arises from the need to question the ways of the city and the architectural project as a result of this. The land was subject to competition in 2008 for the development of an office tower a financial multinational owns the land, but since that date the land is fenced and still not begin the work of the winning project. During this time repeatedly through graffiti has made the request for a park in that field there arises this proposal.
Imagine another way to town today is an opportunity to demonstrate the possibilities of change for Caracas, and therefore a, near the city, barrier-free and more spaces stay and enjoy more human city. This fact demonstrates the imagination of the architect responsibility and its role in the creation of the city. The responsibility of architecture is to create a city that generates dynamic solutions and future possibilities for change.

Work team:
Arch. Andrea Hernández Bueno
Arch. Cruz Criollo