Temporary Pavilion

cdmx, Mexico
The huacal that is the most common restraint object used in food transport in Latin America is the primary module of the proposal, the generation of a modular and simple pavilion that adapts to the specific expository needs and the contextual relations of Where inserted is the fundamental idea. Transfiguring the image of this simple object of daily use and demonstrating its spatial and compositional capacities is one of the premises used in the design process. The pavilion as promoter of internal and external activities from a serene and conciliatory image with the historical center of the city where it is placed.
Beyond the architecture object of this proposal as the oil Huacal as a composite element that contrasts the idea of single and formal object to the dispersion and diversity that a functional and practical object for the conformation of the pavilion, *Leave the Huacal.

* To leave the huacal To leave [a person] of the established norms being outside the control of who has authority.

Work Team
Arq. Rafael Vasquez
Arq. Cruz Criollo