Vyska, Russia
The project came from three basic elements which create the architectonic space such as the wall, the ground and the roof. The main idea derived from the combination of the previous three elements, using surfaces with the same proportion and measure. The result is a basic cubic module of three per three meters which is used to form the pavilion. At the same way, the combination of three modules creates the pavilion completely, so the pavilion is originated by grouping three basic modules.
The 3x3 pavilion set up flexibility and different ways to organize and grouping the three modules

Furthermore, there exist many options to form the interior space of the pavilion combining the three pieces, and also the pieces could adapted very well in different environments and conditions, depending on the needs of the exposition. To create the structure of the pavilion is used steel, because is related with the mining and metallurgical activity of the Vyksa city. The reflection of the outside space is one of the most important ideas in the project, so the external material tectonic use the reflection as a reference of the city name which came from the reflection of the river name that surround the city.

Work team:
Arch. Andrea Hernández Bueno
Arch. Cruz Criollo